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"One of a Kind Pendant"

Irregular shaped slab/slice of quartz form-ation/tiny crystals glimmer from 2- holes in this piece/various shades of gray contouring /tyed with gold-plated wire. See coin for size perspective.

"Beautiful Stone Pendant"

Highly Polished; Domed Oval Caboshon. Indian Moss Agate; 16 X 12mm. Green Moss in clear base color. Mounted in Silver.

"Love In Bloom"
Highly Polished; Domed Oval Caboshon. 9 x 7mm Goldstone on Gold Plated silhoutte of children kissing.

"Delicate Detail"
Highly Polished; Domed oval 30 x22mm caboshon. Opalized (Fire is easily seen in the stone) moss agate. Milky with various shades of brown. Mounted in silver.


Another "one of a kind". Natural slice of Quartz formation. Irregular shaped with various shades of gray banding. Hand-wrapped and tied with gold-plated wire. Hundreds of tiny crystals glimmer from holes in this piece.

"Fine Detail"

Highly polished; domed Oval 9 x 7mm caboshon. Jasper (milk chocolate) stone. Mounted in silver heart,decorated with leaves.

"Tiger Eye"

Gold Tiger Eye;25 x 18mm oval, domed, hand polished. This piece has very thin streaks of blue in the stone. Mounted on silver.

"Dainty Set"
Earring/Pendant: 3-pc.set, Carnelian (dark orange-translucent),oval,domed hand -polished. All 3 stones are 9 x 7 mm. Mounted on gold.

"Exquisite Color"
Pendant: Mexican Agate; 25 x 18 mm, oval, domed, hand polished.This piece has white, gray and brown banding. Mounted on silver.

"Another Tiger Eye"

Pendant: Irregular shaped module; Red Tiger Eye, highly polished. Topped by gold bell-cap.

"Delicate Beauty"

Pendant; Goldstone (blue variety); 8 x 6 mm, domed, polished, mounted on silver butterfly. Tiny glistening flecks from inside this man-made stone.

Pendant: Brazilian Agate; 20x15mm. Oval, domed, hand polished. This piece is striped in yellow, orange, brown and white. Mounted on gold.

"Gold Tiger Eye"
Pendant; Gold Tiger Eye, 20x15mm; oval domed, highly polished. This beauty has a heavy blue stripe in the stone. Mounted on gold.

"Exquisite Emerald"

Pendant: Indian Picture Rock; creamy emerald green; some gray streaks, domed, 30x22mm,oval. Hand-polished. Wrapped and tied with gold-filled,22ga,sq.wire.

"Pink Paradise"
PENDANT: Rhodonite (pink) 6x4mm oval, domed, polished, mounted on silver.