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Welcome to my Web Page.

My name is Cliff, aka Old Goat! I am 65 years young, and have been married to the same ole gal for the past 36 years. Together we have been blessed with two children who in turn have blessed us with grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. We live in southern Illinois. From our back yard, we can see the famous Gateway Arch.

My favorite past time is working with rocks. They have fascinated me all of my life, and about 10 years ago I took it up as a hobby. I have a little garage workshop, where I saw the rocks, grind to various shapes, polish them, and make very affordable jewelry.

I would like to thank Pat, Angie and Dorothy for, without their encouragement and considerable help, this page would never have been developed.


~Awards I Have Received~
(Come "Get My Goat"!! LOL)

I am just in a SPIN over trying to get new pages completed for your viewing pleasure. Be patient while I build my Workshops with as much pride and pleasure as I do my jewelry....

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Most under $20

~~OldGoat64's Workshop #1

~~OldGoat64's Workshop #2

~~OldGoat64's Workshop #3

Below--More Links Coming Soon!

~~OldGoat64's Workshop #4

~~OldGoat64's Workshop #5

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