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Pendant: Genuine Abalone: (blue/green). 25x18mm, oval, domed, polished caboshon. Showy Antique-colored mounting.

Pendant/Earring Set: Genuine Paula Shell (green); 3-pcs. 25x18mm oval, domed, polished caboshons. All 3-pcs are 11/2" ring with dangle. Gold-plated mountings. Beauties,for pierced Ears.

"The Brook"
Pendant: Dyed turquoise (blue with gray veins); 25x18 mm, oval domed, polished caboshon. Lacy gold-plated mounting.

Pendant: Dyed Turquoise (blue with gray veins); 25x18mm, oval, domed, polished caboshon. Attractive silver-plated mounting.

"The Queen"
Pendant: Rhodonite (pink beauty), 30x22mm, oval, domed, polished caboshon. Fancy gold-plated mounting.

Pendant: Green Moss Agate (opaque with green moss clearly visible); 18x13mm; oval, domed, polished caboshon. Pretty lttle stone, in a fancy, gold plated mounting.

"A Wonder"
Pendant; Sodalite (cloudy; Royal Blue and Light Blue mix); 25x18mm, oval, domed, polished caboshon. A real beauty in a lacy, gold-plated mounting.

Pendant: An unusual Rhodonite (Burgundy, with a few darker spots). There is a surprise glassy reflection-just beneath the surface. 30x22mm, oval domed, polished caboshon. A classy, gold-plated mounting.

3-pc. set: Pendant & Earrings; Genuine pink agate; some with white spots and a touch of lavender. Polished to last indefinitely. Gold plated loops and pendant latch.

Pendant: Amethyst; cluster of three natural crystals, the largest is 16mm,smallest is 12mm. Medium purple. Twisted, gold-filed wire loop.Very pretty.

"Fine Wine"
Pendant: Geode; 40x30mm,oval,domed,polished. Colors are: Shades of brown & pink with swirls of gray and burgundy.Filigreed, gold-plated mounting.

Pendant: A conglomerate agate; browns, whites, grays (a greenish hew). 30x22 oval, domed, polished, gold plated mounting.

Pendant: Brazilian Agate: Black and white. 3/16" thick x 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" long. Silver plated bell cap and latch.(Picture is showing all 4 sides of this beautiful piece)